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Gary Beach memorial scholarship available

The Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation (WNRF) will be awarding the annual Gary Beach memorial scholarship.  This $1,200 scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year is available to University of Wyoming students enrolled at the Junior level or higher. Visit our Projects and Programs page for more information.  Applications are due June 30. 

2015 Fundraiser


Congratulations to Justen and Lori Robinson, Moorcroft on winning the Gator, and Charlie George, Medicine Bow, on winning the tool box.  Special thanks to Sundance Equipment Company and Shively Hardware for their assistance in making this fundraiser a success. 

Information on the 2016 Fundraiser is coming soon

2015 Chuck and Chip Golf Tournament

The 5th annual Cowboy Chuck and Chip Golf Tournament was held August 11 in Douglas.  Congratulations to our top four teams and a big Thank you to our sponsors that continue to support the tournament. 

1st Place Team - Kim Mischke, Dave Hatten, Clint Bromley, Jarred Nix

Mark your Calendars for the 2016 Tournament- August 16, 2106
Check back for registration and sponsorship opportunities

Living Legacy Program

In 2006 the Wyoming Board of Agriculture created the Living Legacy Program.  The 100+ year old cottonwood trees at Wyoming State Fair Park were being removed to their age.  The trees were unsafe, and unsightly.  The Board felt they could replace those trees with new healthy ones so they initiated a program where people could donate trees.  Visit our Projects and Programs page for more information on this program.

2015 Living Legacy Program donors were recognized at the dedication ceremony held during the Wyoming State Fair on August 14. 

2014-15 WNRF Annual Report

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